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Price: $539.00 (With KRuX Frame, load shelf)

* Add $15 for 3 piece belt

Price: $209.00 (Bag only, does not include load shelf or Krux frame)


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Designed for those monster days...leaving the trail head hours before light to hit your glassing spot as dawn breaks, then spending the rest of the day grinding out the miles and elevation to close the gap before dark. The Approach is the minimalist day trip package with integrated optics pockets and extended load shelf for the heavy load out. The optics compression straps are attached via quick detach buckles so they can be positioned over just the tripod, or over the tripod and optics pocket. A 1896 cubic inch main bag, 375 cubic inch spotting scope pocket, and 2700 cubic inch plus expandable load shelf can take the total load up over 5000 cubic inches. At just 3.47 pounds complete with KRuX frame, the Approach maintains a 130 pound load rating.

The Approach bag can also be added to both the Solo and Terminus to add 2200 cubic inches to each bag for a mere addition of .90 pound. Not only does this allow for extra space, but it offers the option to change bags in the field when day hunting from a spike camp. This can bring the Solo total cubic inches to 5500 at 4.65 pounds, and the Terminus to over 8200 cubic inches right at 5 pounds. Click on the tabs above for more info.

To add another level of modular use, the load shelf is now separated from the bag. This allows the load shelf to be used with or without the bag (frame only, photo under Load Shelf tab above), while keeping the overall function the same. For those purchasing Bag Only, contact us for a conversion kit if your frame was purchased before July 15, 2013.

-Weight 3.53 Lbs (complete with frame), Bag only .90 Lbs

-130+ pound load rating (check Design page for load rating info)

-1896 cubic inch main bag, 375 cubic inch spotting scope pocket

-2700+ cubic inch plus expandable load shelf

-Hydration compatible

-Spotting scope pocket, fits both angled and straight eye pieces

-Tripod attachment system

-Belt attachments

-Heavy duty YKK #10 zipper

-Cordura 500 and Xpac fabric

-Heavy duty, 1" Duraflex military approved buckles and webbing

--1 exterior scope pocket, 1 interior pocket

-Made in USA

The KRuX frame and Load Shelf can be used as a stand alone package to create an ultralight platform for through hikes or packing quarters/meat. Frame and load shelf weigh 2.54 lbs, with SG Load Cell dry bag 2.84 lbs. Shown with SG Load Cell, (the Minimalist configuration.)

Shown attached to Solo bag, adds 2200 cubic inches for a total of 5500 cubic inches, total weight 4.65 pounds.


Shown attached to the Terminus, adds 2200 cubic inches for a total of 8200 cubic inches, total weight is 4.97 pounds.
2" belt accepts holsters, range finder cases, camera cases, bear spray, etc

The hydration port is located top, center of the pack allowing the hydration hose to exit the bag and attach down the left or right shoulder strap. Two 3/4" webbing loops with trislide buckles are located inside the pack for hanging a hydration bladder. For those who prefer to keep their hydration separate from gear, the hydration bladder can also be stored between the bag and frame.

The KRuX frame comes standard with the 1 piece full wrap hip belt.

For those who prefer more lumbar pressure and lumbar adjustment, the 3 piece belt has a removable/adjustable lumbar pad. This belt can be substituted for the standard 1 piece belt for an additional $15. Both belt styles are compatible with the Hip Belt Pull accessory. For more details on both accessories, visit the Accessories page. Click here for Instruction Video. Waist sizing = Medium 29"-33" , Large 34"-37" , XL 38" +



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